Watch Out For the Indian Wine Tourism Industry

As a lover and student of wine I am really amazed at how far India has come in wine production and consumption in such a short span of time. The quality of grapes, the various procedures of making wine, the bottling plants, the scenic vineyards, tasting rooms, etc all point to a very bright future for the wine industry in India. If you are an Indian wine lover then Nashik in Maharashtra is one of the must see places on your list. It is after all the ‘Napa Valley’ of India since it houses the maximum number of vineyards in India including the most popular ones.

So now the latest buzzword in the Indian wine industry is ‘Wine Tourism’. If you are living somewhere close to Nashik like Mumbai or Pune you could easily plan out a weekend wine tour to a few of these vineyards. These vineyards can be visited throughout the year but the best period to visit is the grape harvesting season from January to April.

However to experience these interesting vineyards in all their glory you should consider going on an organized wine tour. An organized wine tour means that everything from transportation, hotel, vineyard visits, etc is taken care of for you and all that you have to do is sit back and enjoy your wines while watching the stunning landscapes. Many of these vineyards also have good quality wine tasting rooms on their premises. If your group is big enough your tour company could even arrange for a tour manager who is with you at all times. Travel companies, clubs and hotels are slowly but surely understanding this concept and it will not be long before various tour operators start offering competitive packages to their customers.

This could be a win-win situation for the wineries, the tour companies and of course ‘you’, the wine lover. Wineries need people to visit them so that they can give them the best service and convert them into repeat customers. For tour operators the latest trend is ‘Themed Tourism’ and the theme of ‘Wine Tourism’ is fast spreading in India. Thus they benefit from increased tour sales. The wine lovers benefit because they get to experience the entire process of wine making and wine tasting first hand usually at throwaway prices. best attraction Sentosa singapore¬†

Sometimes I wonder that what is it about wines that attracts people so much that they are willing to travel all over the world for it. I mean how many times have you heard of rum trips to the Caribbean, beer trips to Germany or vodka trips to Russia for that matter? Are these not drinks which you enjoy with your buddies quite often? There is certainly some mystical element to wines which nearly always works its magic and compels us to go after it. I believe that it is the sheer variety of grapes, their location, the farming methods, its ageing, corking, fermentation, etc and all these things combined give wines their unique taste. For instance the Chenin Blanc from South Africa might taste somewhat different than the Chenin Blanc from India or Australia. Precisely for this reason each wine producing region in the world has its own uniqueness and this is exactly what the wine lover is out to discover.


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