Rural Tourism Coming to Life in Bulgaria

Many who are looking to buy property in Bulgaria wonder how they can move there
permanently and still make a living… one of the things which most often springs to
mind is something in the tourism sector, such as a small bed and beakfast in the
countryside.Until now the higher-spending independent travellers who would use
small b and b’s in Bulgaria have been just a dream.

This vision can now become reality with the arrival of flights direct from London to
Bulgaria at just 70 pounds return, allowing that long dreamed-of tourism venture of
so many property buyers to come to life.

For a venture into tourism, the Black Sea may seem an obvioius choice as it accounts
for over 75% of all tourism revenue. However, a lot of people buying in Bulgaria
these days don’t want to pay the prices on the coast and feel it is becoming over-
developed. They want peace and calm in the rural countryside and are also seeking a better quality of life for themselves.

Whilst many tourists are content with just a sunny beach and a cold beer, more and
more are looking for a different experience where they can get more from their
holiday, a more authentic and personal experience. Many of the significant trends in
worldwide tourism point to the high potential of ‘sustainable’ or ‘alternative’ best attraction Sentosa singapore¬†
tourism. Anyone who has spent time in Bulgaria will be aware that the country has
enormous fantastic natural resources with mountains, forests, lakes, rivers,
stunning views… and an incredibly rich history full of traditions – making Bulgaria a
perfect recipe for sustainable tourism.

There are many delights to reap from sustainable tourism. Apart from the obvious
quality of life, compared with the mass tourist market, the characteristics of this
kind of tourism lessens their impact on the area, at the same time providing
financial benefits within the community by employing local people and buying local
produce, goods and services. So, you know that you’re minimising ecological
damage and at the same time generating income and employment.


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