How to Spend Your Powerball Lottery Jackpot

Do you like crime fiction, mystery or suspense novels? Especially with humor and romance mixed in?
Does the idea of a hi-tech theft of a big lottery jackpot fascinate you?

What if you knew the winning numbers and could “go back” an hour in time? Do you think it’s going to be easy money. Think again. (from the book jacket).

You’ll enjoy the new novel now available on Powerball 310.

Here’s a review:

In a high-tech plot to steal a huge jackpot, lottery insider Rodger McCormack teams up with his own computer programmer, a well-connected banker, and an  토토 arrogant French mathematician. The gang is able to trick the Pennsylvania Lottery computer into issuing a winning ticket moments after the numbers have been drawn for the $310 million Powerball jackpot. Before their banker can secure the money, things start to go wrong. Keith Evans, a young journalist doing a story on the lottery, comes to town to interview Rodger and soon has the bad luck to be at a crime scene in a bar in gritty South Philadelphia, with his prints on the murder weapon. Along with Rodger’s daughter Melissa, he becomes entangled with the gang in a web of murder and deception. As the police follow their own leads and the gang struggles to hold onto their prize, the two young protagonists close in on the truth.


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